Storage trolley

Storage trolleys are one of the most widespread equipment for transportation of goods and loads. They have practical application in all branches of economy – storage and production premises, stores, trade centers, hospitals and administrative departments. It is difficult to find a human activity, where the moving of goods and loads is not necessary.


The storage trolleys produced by "Dinis" Ltd are equipped with high quality wheels and castors of the German company Blickle, which guarantees their reliability and long term exploitation.


The storage trolleys are mainly two types:


Universal Trolleys

The universal trolleys are the most popular equipment for transportation of goods. Such trolleys are:

-Pallet Trolleys;
-Forklift Stackers;
-Paper Roll Handling Trolleys;
-Platform Trolleys;
-Mesh Cart;
-Hand Trucks;
-Stairs Trolley;
-Panel Cart;
-Trucks for transportation of barrels;
-Trucks for manipulation of barrels;
-Trolleys for gas cylinders;
-Moving Dollies for heavy equipment.


Most of the universal trolleys are available in several dimensions with different load capacity and/or sizes of working platforms.


Specialized Trolleys

The specialized trolleys are designed and produced as per the technical requirements of our clients, they have specific parameters, according to the demands of the clients and the conditions of their exploitation.