About Blickle


Blickle has been manufacturing high-quality castors and wheels since 1953 and is one of the biggest companies worldwide in this field in terms of volumes, range and quality.

Blickle’s demands is very simple: To develop the best castor or wheel for every application. Blickle reinvents the wheel every day – with excellent ideas, innovative concepts, material and production technology, lateral thinking, years of experience, as well as motivated and committed employees.

By keeping Blickle headquarters in Rosenfeld the company is committed to the base in Germany and, as a result, to excellent quality. All based on the latest production technology with a high degree of automation. Blickle is known worldwide for high-quality, long-lasting and maintenance-free castors and wheels that are “Made in Germany”.

Today the Blickle Group internationally employs more than 700 staff, more than 500 of which are located at the headquarters in Rosenfeld. Blickle presently maintains 14 sales subsidiaries across Europe and North America, as well as numerous exclusive agencies with well stocked warehouses in over 100 countries around the globe.

Almost 60 000 square meters of floor space are used to produce over 15 million castors and wheels every year. Following the motto “machines where possible and people where necessary” assembly is primarily taken over by camera-monitored robots. Blickle flexibility is mainly down to the use of manual labour for customer-specific small batches. Many testing and control stations integrated in the production lines guarantee a high level of quality.

Blickle was the first wheel and castor manufacturer certified with ISO 9001 in 1994. In 2012 the quality management system was supplemented by new environmental and safety standards and subsequently Blickle was awarded ISO 14001 certification.

In the Blickle catalogue G 15, consisting of almost 500 pages, you can find detailed information about the kind of wheels and castors, theirtechnical details, as well as aboutmaterials, exploitation conditions and useful information helping you to make a right choice of wheel or castor.